Crafted the brand identity, educational web application, and overall web presence for a progressive wellness center.

Client: Path for Life

Path for Life is a nutrition and wellness center focused on integrating emotional awareness with a deeper understanding of healthy eating. This unique approach offers a profoundly transformative shift toward leading a more balanced and nourished life. In seeking to create an online counterpart to their private consultations and wanting to put the together the building blocks for future expansion of the brand, Path for Life engaged We Are How to craft a distinct and memorable brand identity as well as two websites: the web application for their online program, “Path for Life: Self Nourishment” and their lifestyle blog. 

Paving the Way

As a preliminary phase, We Are How carried out design research to tease out the dominant and emerging visual cues at play in the areas of nutrition, wellbeing, and mindfulness. This gave us valuable insight into how to craft the look and feel to communicate a fresh take on these themes. We Are How then worked closely with Path for Life during the conceptual phase of the online Self Nourishment program in order to forge an organizational framework that would translate into a practical and effective online learning program. From there We Are How shaped the information architecture, user experience, and overall site design. 

From Concept to Implementation 

Our approach to web development for the Self Nourishment program focused on designing a flexible and normalized data model that improves site performance by minimizing load on the database, and providing an easy to use content management system. The technical phase of implementation also addressed a secure subscription and payment process as well as automated program emails that deliver reliably.

Path for Life Design Research Excerpt

Path for Life Design Research Excerpt

Path for Life Design Research Excerpt

Path for Life Design Research Excerpt

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