“We Are How has been crucial to the development of our company — our branding, strategic positioning, key elements of marketing, social media, and web development. The team is just great — professional, personable, highly intelligent and experienced, and amazing as a creative talent.”
-Grant Brenner, The Irrelationship Group

Client: The Irrelationship Group

The Irrelationship Group was formed to help people achieve optimal relationships in romance, work-life, friendships, and society & culture by integrating neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and recovery models. They seek to provide a framework for understanding dysfunctional patterns of relating with one another that they call “Irrelationship”. Their blog, book, and forthcoming products offer a way to more profoundly understand irrelationships, and give a roadmap out of an irrelationship into a real relationship that allows them to give and receive compassionate empathy, engage in intimacy, and take emotional risks — to make a genuine emotional investment in each other.

The Irrelationship Group approached We Are How at a pivotal point in its trajectory — growing from a blog embedded within Psychology Today to an established independent organization. The Irrelationship Group sought our assistance to create a strong and cohesive brand identity, an engaging website, and supporting materials that resonate with their target audience, positioning them as unique leaders in their field.

Beginning with a competitive landscape map and semiotic study, we were able to lay the strategic foundation for our creative work by pinpointing where the Irrelationship Group exists today and the area of opportunity for future growth. By examining dominant and emerging visual cues in that cultural context, We Are How discovered how to position the Irrelationship Group in a way that would resonate with their target audience.

To achieve a brand that was both professional and relatable, we knew we needed to create a visual style that incorporated human elements and embraced imperfection — hand drawn infographics and quotes, photography that feels realistic and candid, and typography that reflects both warmth and immediacy. 

Irrelationship Landscape and Semiotic Research

Irrelationship Landscape and Semiotic Research

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