#LoveWins as a Supreme Court ruling makes same-sex marriage a right nationally.

Looking through Playboy in public may no longer have people raising their eyebrows, as the magazine will cease publishing fully nude images of women. Realizing their previous content is no longer novel as the most salacious images imaginable are now only a click away, they will focus on leveraging quality writing with provocative, yet tasteful, imagery.

Yogi Berra, the Hall of Fame catcher and renowned baseball player who won nearly 10 World Series championships with the New York Yankees, dies at the age of 90. His endearing “Yogisms” were both nonsensical, and quite often, oddly true.

In the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, nearly 4.3 million Syrians have fled their country while risking their lives over perilous routes. With over 8 million more internally displaced, they seek safety from the Syrian Civil war that has resulted in grave violence and destruction of infrastructure.

Oh balls! A scandal hits the NFL, commonly referred to as "Deflate-Gate". The New England Patriots are penalized for tampering with the inflation pressure of footballs.

History is made as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft completes a flyby of Pluto while capturing stunning photos of the dwarf planet and its moons.

The EPA issued a notice to Volkswagen for violating the Clean Air Act, after it was found that the automaker had intentionally equipped its cars with software to cheat on emissions tests.

Following a racially charged shooting, the Confederate flag, a divisive symbol of both racism and southern pride, is removed from South Carolina’s statehouse grounds, ending its days as a public symbol and bringing emotional closure to a devastating event.

The FBI arrested several top executives of FIFA, soccer's world governing body, for widespread corruption, bringing to light troubling issues in how the organization allocates funds, elects members, and handles sponsorship and location deals for the World Cup, the most watched sporting event in the world.

Riley B. King, the Blues legend, known as B.B. King, dies at age 89. He reigned as "king of the blues" for more than six decades, and influenced a generation of rock and blues artists.

The Grateful Dead, the iconic rock band, ends its 50-year career with a moving performance giving their last-ever show in Chicago.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try” if you wanted to see the much anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night. Tickets went on sale up to two months in advance of opening day, and were purchased at an unprecedented record for many theaters and online ticketing companies.

Leonard Nimoy, best-known for his iconic and beloved portrayal of Star Trek’s Spock, dies at age 83. His long spanning career brought many fans across many generations. Live long and prosper.

After seven seasons, 16 Emmys, and 4 Golden Globes, acclaimed show Mad Men airs its final episode “in perfect harmony”.

French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, is attacked in Paris, killing 11 people and injuring 11 others. “Je Suis Charlie” becomes a rallying cry for the freedom of self-expression and unity in the face of terrorism.

The popular show, Game of Thrones, kills off an important character, sparking an intense debate among fans — is Jon Snow really dead? Only 2016 will have the answers to this one.

The US Women's soccer team wins the World Cup with a 5-2 victory over Japan (who they lost to four years ago), becoming the first team to win the tournament three times.

The death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, creates severe unrest in Baltimore, Maryland, ranging from peaceful protests, to rioting, as deeper issues of widespread inequality are stirred throughout the city.

The Arizona Cardinals hired Jen Welter as an assistant coaching intern, making her the first female coach in NFL history.

After sixteen years of quality, insightful television, Jon Stewart, of renowned late-night talk and news satire program, The Daily Show, says “Bon Voyage”.

Former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo, known as "Super Mario" for his exceptional work, and "Hamlet on the Hudson" for his uncertainty about running for president, dies at 82.

Pope Francis’s groundbreaking encyclical “Laudato Si” brings a moral and spiritual dimension to dealing with human caused climate change, a conversation previously dominated by political, economic, and scientific viewpoints.

Great Scott! On October 21, 2015, the Back to the Future day finally arrived. According to the movie, 2015 would see flat screen TVs, drones, hands-free video games, high-tech goggles, and hoverboards. Fans bemoaned that flying around on hoverboards is not commonplace yet.

California has entered its fourth year of drought, critically impacting water supply, agriculture, habitat, fish, wildlife, and water conservation.

“Pizza Rat” becomes the internet’s latest viral star when a video of the rat struggling to carry a slice of pizza in a New York City subway station is posted on social media.

Terror struck Paris with ISIS attacks killing nearly 130 people. Attacks were carried out in various parts of the city while civilians were enjoying a Saturday night out in Le Bataclan, a performance venue; a few restaurants and Stade de France, a stadium on the outskirts of Paris where a soccer match was taking place.

The 2016 Presidential Race kicks off with primaries led by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party and Donald Trump of the Republican Party, among others, making for a very interesting start.

One thing 2015 couldn’t shake off was Taylor Swift's album 1989. Her tour kicked off in May, garnering a lot of attention and attracting many celebrity appearances, becoming one of the hottest tours of the year.

Google is reorganized into a holding company called Alphabet Inc. which will be the parent company of Google, Nest, and various other ventures, giving more room to emergent businesses, while consolidating their massive cash flow search engine business.

Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner, known as an Olympic champion) becomes a new cultural symbol as her Vanity Fair cover debuts her transition, bringing an important conversation around gender identity and the transgender community into the mainstream.

John Boehner steps down as House Speaker, creating discomfort in the Republican party as little to no interest is shown for the job title. Paul Ryan, seen as a viable replacement, is uninterested like many, but takes the job on very specific terms.

Jeremy Clarkson, notoriously contentious and rowdy star of BBC’s Top Gear, one of the world’s most popular TV shows, finally takes a step too far, and is fired after he verbally and physically attacks the show’s producer, leaving fans briefly wondering if it’s the end of the beloved show.

Shhh... Ashley Madison, the online dating service marketed to married people, is hacked, unlocking account details from millions of the site’s members. The site's poor security ironically betrays its users trust, and the hack reveals a multitude of questionable practices by the site itself.

The new Whitney Museum of American Art’s grand opening in New York’s meatpacking district marks a major milestone in the city’s shifting cultural geography. Designed by Renzo Piano, its architecture reflects its locale, and offers a vastly larger exhibition space, while raising its status among top tier art museums.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, pledge 99% of their Facebook shares to charity, valued at $45 billion, making them among the youngest philanthropists of such stature while also surpassing the Gates Foundation by a few billion in trust endowment.

It’s the end of an era as David Letterman retires, ending his 33 year career as host of the Late Show.

Long live Queen Elizabeth! Queen Elizabeth II makes history becoming the longest living British monarch.

Robert Durst, the subject of HBO’s chilling documentary The Jinx, was charged with first-degree murder, and subsequently arrested. Key evidence was unraveled by the filmmakers, linking his handwriting with an anonymous letter connected to the perpetrator.

Adele says “Hello” as her album 25 becomes 2015's best-selling album in just three days. Even without promoting her music via streaming, she continues to shatter records: it is the first album ever to sell one million copies two weeks in a row.

The FCC makes a bold move to uphold net neutrality for consumers by reclassifying broadband internet service as a common-carrier utility under Title II of the Communications Act. Legal challenges to the ruling are expected to follow.

British artist Banksy, along with over 50 other artists from around the world, offers a social critique and anti-consumerist message with Dismaland, a subversive, dystopian parody, referred to as a “bemusement park”, set in seaside England.

The controversial Affordable Care Act lives on in a 6-3 decision by the Supreme Court, impacting millions of lives for generations to come.

Hip-Hop meets Broadway in noteworthy musical Hamilton, becoming one of the hottest tickets in town, and attracting people from all over for its unique take on one of America's founding fathers.

A historic announcement is made opening all positions in the U.S. military to women, including combat roles. Previously, roles such as infantry, armor, reconnaissance, and some special operations units were only open to men.